How Did Women In Ancient And Me Val Times Deal

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- But despite the dangers of disease andt, women have always had periods: so how did they cope? Let 's go back to the time of the Greeks and Romans. DID THE ROMANS USE TAMPONS? The point often made in online blogs is that, even in the ancient world, women were using what may seem similar .Some societies have the wisdom to let gravity help. My aunt, who was a missionary in Africa in the 1950s, reported that African tribal women squatted to give birth. Because they also often squatted while working in the fields, they generally had a much quicker and easier birth than typical westerners. A Russian friend told me . - There 's so much to know about periods throughout the ages that the topic has become the basis of a web series cleverlyled "Period Piece." In Ancient Rome, people believed menstruating women could ward off natural disasters and farm pests. Women held their pads up with suspenders in the . - Some people in India believe menstruating women make cows infertile, while in East Africa some say they dry out crops. And these aren 't the half of it. So it 's time for history period - a look at menstruation through the ages in 15 fascinating facts. 1. Ancient Romans thought menstruating women were .

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